So you’ve scheduled the photographer to shoot your house in a few days and you’ve done your usual cleaning to prepare, but is it enough?  There is a lot to think about when preparing your house for a photo shoot and often times the most obvious items go overlooked, so here are some tips that’ll help ease your tension and make your house show its best.


  1. Remove Personal Items – The goal here is to help people picture THEMSELVES in your home, and the best way to do that is to remove your personal items from view.
  2. Clean off your fridge – A fridge cluttered with magnets from your past vacations is a distraction to viewers of your home, clean it off so they can concentrate on what makes your kitchen so great.
  3. Remove pets and belongings – We know you love your pets, but a possible home buyer may not.  Remove any food or water trays, litter boxes, or pet toys from view.  With their belongings gone for now, it’s best to keep your pet contained to an area that’s not being photographed while the photographer is there.  A roaming pet is surely going to inadvertently get into a photo.
  4. Replace burned out light bulbs – Especially in a bathroom that has five lights above the vanity, one light out stands out like a sore thumb.  Tour your house and make sure all the lights are working.
  5. Did I mention to remove your personal items?  It’s especially important to have them removed from your bathroom vanity.  A clean and clear bathroom is a great asset to your home’s online portfolio, a messy one is not.